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Extension Stem Gate Valve

Extension Stem Gate Valve

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Detail Introduction

1.Stem Nut
Usually, the stem nut is made of ASTM A439 D2. It is also can be made of copper ally if being requested by the customer. For large sized gate valves (NPS 10 for Class 150, NPS 8 for Class 300, NPS 6 for Class 600, NPS 5 for Class 900), rollina bearing is fittedi at the two sides of the stem nut in order to minimize the open and close torque of the gate valve.

2.Special Gate Valve
Besides the common gate valves, Our Company also makes cryogenic gate valve, Jacketed Gate Valve, Bellow Sealed Gate Valve,EXtension Stem Gate Valve for underground application, Flat Gate Valve, etc.

3.Technical Specification
Design and Manufacture: APl 600 (ISO 10434) or API 6D
Inspection and Test: API 598. API 600 or API 6D
End flange dimension: ASME B16.5 (for NPS 24), ASME B16.47 series B, API 605 or ASME B16.47 series A, MSS SP-44 (for NPS > 24)
BW end dimension: ASME B16.25
Face to face and end to end: ASME B16.10
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34
WARM PROMPT:“Extension Stem Gate Valve”All text, data and pictures are for reference only.
If you need to match with the physical performance parameters, structural size parameters and other details, please call us to obtain.
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