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Difference Between Double Offset and Triple Offset Butterfly

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In recent years, metal-seated eccentric butterfly valves have competed with more traditional industrial valves like the globe and ball valves for critical applications. However, even though lots of people already know how a butterfly valve works, much of the confusion lies in how such eccentric valves differ and what applications are suitable for each.

In this article, you are going to walk through the differences between these two kinds of butterfly valves to guide you when choosing a suitable industrial valve for your application.

What is a Double Offset Butterfly Valve
The double eccentric offset butterfly valve can also be called the high-performance butterfly valve or double eccentric butterfly valve. This valve is suitable for thicker media that has a high pressure because its design does not allow too much contact with the disc and seat.
Double Offset Butterfly Advantages
The balance of this valve is in the stem placed behind the circular disc. It allows the disc to self-adjust to the center, ensuring tight sealing. Even when the valve is fully opened, the valve does not touch the soft seat, ensuring a longer service life.

What is a Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Also known as the triple eccentric valve, the triple offset valve (TOV) has been around for more than 50 years. Initially designed to service water applications as a shutoff valve, TOV is now considered as a top choice for many critical process applications.

The industrial valve sector, especially China butterfly valve manufacturers, are looking into the flexibility of these valves as alternatives to expensive and bulkier ones already in the market.  Recently, TOVs have been developed to deal with fugitive emissions control.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Advantages
As a butterfly valve, it also belongs to the quarter family. It is also lightweight and easy to operate. Installation is also a breeze since there is less pipe bracing needed. Replacement of seat rings is also easy as this valve is top-entry.

The triple offset butterfly valve has a low torque so there is no need to have larger valves. That being said, this means higher savings costs. This valve has zero leakage closure on both ends.

The introduction of soft seats increases the value of the valves. Aside from being fire-safe due to the metal seats underneath the soft ones, the valves can now self center because of the elastomeric seat material.
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